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Cores are used to

A. form internal cavities in the casting
B. improve mould surface
C form a part of a green sand mould
D. all of these

The electrode tip diameter (d) in spot welding should be equal to (where t = Thickness of plate to be welded)

A. √t B. 1.5 √t
C. 3 √t D. 6 √t

Carburising flame is used to weld

A. steel, cast iron, copper, aluminium etc
B. brass and bronze
C hard surfacing materials such as stellite
D. all of these

A two high rolling mill consists of two rolls which rotate

A. at the same speed and in the same direction
B. at the same speed but in opposite direction
C at different speeds and in the same direction
D. at different speeds and in the opposite direction

In a unilateral system of tolerance, the tolerance is allowed on

A. one side of the actual size
B. one side of the nominal size
C both sides of the actual size
D. both sides of the nominal size

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