Mechanical Engineering:: Production Engineering

Thread grinding requires work speed from

A. 1 to 3 m/min B. 5 to 10 m/min
C. 10 to 14 m/min D. 14 to 20 m/min

Crater wear is predominant in

A. carbon tool steels
B. tungsten carbide tools
C high speed steel tools
D. ceramic tools

When the end of a tap is tapered for about three or four threads, it is known as a

A. taper tap B. bottoming tap
C. second tap D. none of these

High speed steel drills can be operated at about __________ the speed of high carbon steel drills.

A. one-half B. one-fourth
C. double D. four times

In continuous chip cutting, the maximum heat is taken by the cutting tool.

A. Yes B. No

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