Mechanical Engineering:: IC Engines and Nuclear Power Plants

The secondary fuel used in nuclear power plants is

A. U233 and Pu239 B. U235 and Th232
C. U235 and Pu238 D. U233 and Pu238

In nuclear power plants, due to reflector, less fuel is needed to generate sufficient neutrons to sustain a chain reaction.

A. Yes B. No

The nuclear power station at Tarapur has the reactor of the __________ type.

A. pressurized water B. boiling water
C. gas cooled D. liquid metal cooled

In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the inlet valve

A. opens at top dead centre and closes at bottom dead centre
B. opens at 20οbefore top dead centre and closes at 40οafter bottom dead centre
C opens at 20οafter top dead centre and closes at 20οbefore bottom dead centre id) may open or close anywhere

High speed compression engines operate on

A. Otto cycle B. Diesel cycle
C. Dual-combustion cycle D. all of these

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