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When the battery is half (50%) charged, the specific gravity of acid in a battery is usually

A. 0.74 B. 1.00
C. 1.12 D. 1.19

The function of antilock brake system (ABS) is that is

A. reduces the stopping distance
B. minimises the brake fade
C maintains directional control during braking by preventing the wheels from locking
D. prevents nose dives during braking and thereby postpones locking of the wheels

The anti-knock property of compression ignition engine fuel can be improved by adding

A. tetraethyl lead B. trimethyl pentane
C. amyl nitrate D. hexadecane

The major purpose of an electronically-controlled automatic transmission is that this type of transmission

A. eliminates gear clutches
B. eliminates the gear shift lever
C reduces the number of automatic-transmission components
D. reduces shift shock and achieves more efficient transmission of engine torque

The main task of a battery in automobiles is to

A. supply electricity to the alternator
B. act as a reservoir or stabilizer of electricity
C supply electricity to the vehicle's electrical system at all times while the engine is running
D. supply a large amount of power to turn the starter motor when the engine is being started

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