Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: Two-Terminal Devices

Which of the following areas is (are) an application of infrared-emitting diodes?

A. Intrusion alarms
B. Shaft encoders
C Paper-tape readers
D. All of the above

Schottky diodes are very effective at frequencies approaching ________.

A. 20 GHz
B. 10 MHz
C 100 MHz
D. 1 MHz

What is the voltage drop across Schottky diodes?

A. 0 V to 0.2 V
B. 0.7 V to 0.8 V
C 0.8 V to 1.0 V
D. 1.0 V to 1.5 V

The current capability of power diodes can be increased by placing two or more in series.

A. True
B. False

What are the typical ranges of reverse-bias current levels IS for low-power and high-power Schottky diodes at room temperature?

A. Picoamperes, nanoamperes
B. Nanoamperes, microamperes
C Microamperes, milliamperes
D. Milliamperes, amperes

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