Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: Thyristors

You have the schematic diagram of several types of circuits. Which of these circuits most likely uses a triac?

A. an oscillator
B. an ac motor control
C a programmable oscillator
D. an amplifier

The SCR can be triggered on by a pulse at the

A. gate.
B. anode.
C cathode.
D. none of the above

The ________ is like a diac with a gate terminal.

A. triac
D. none of the above

How many semiconductor layers are thyristors constructed with?

A. 2
B. 3
C 4
D. 5

You have a need to use a device to trigger an SCR. A good one to use might be

A. an SCS.
B. a UJT.
C a 4-layer diode.
D. a PUT.

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