Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits

What is (are) the principal area(s) of application for isolation amplifiers?

A. medical
B. power plant
C automation
D. all of the above

An OTA has

A. a bias-current input terminal
B. high output impedance.
C no fixed open-loop voltage gain.
D. all of the above

The operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) is primarily a ________ -to- ________ amplifier.

A. current, voltage
B. voltage, current
C current, resistance
D. resistance, current

A constant-current source delivers a load current that

A. remains constant when the load resistance changes
B. varies with load resistance
C varies inversely with load resistance
D. varies inversely with input voltage

The main purpose of an instrumentation amplifier is to amplify ________ signals that are riding on ________ common-mode voltages.

A. small, small
B. small, large
C large, small
D. large, large

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