Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: Semiconductors

The movement of free electrons in a conductor is called

A. voltage.
B. current.
C recombination.
D. equilibrium.

The wide end arrow on a schematic indicates the ________ of a diode.

A. ground
B. direction of electron flow
C cathode
D. anode

For a forward-biased diode, the barrier potential ________ as temperature increases.

A. decreases
B. remains constant
C increases

The term bias in electronics usually means

A. the value of ac voltage in the signal.
B. the condition of current through a pn junction.
C the value of dc voltages for the device to operate properly.
D. the status of the diode.

Reverse breakdown is a condition in which a diode

A. is subjected to a large reverse voltage.
B. is reverse-biased and there is a small leakage current.
C has no current flowing at all.
D. is heated up by large amounts of current in the forward direction.

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