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What is the typical range of turn-off times for SCRs?

A. 5 μs to 30 μs
B. 1 μs to 5 μs
C 0.1 μs to 1 μs
D. 0.01 μs to 0.1 μs

Determine RB1 for a silicon PUT if it is determined that h = 0.84, VP = 11.2 V, and RB2 = 5 kΩ.

A. 12.65 kΩ
B. 16.25 kΩ
C 20.00 kΩ
D. 26.25 kΩ

What is the typical value of the reverse resistance of SCRs?

A. 1Ω to 10 Ω
B. 100Ω to 1 kΩ
C 1 kΩ to 50 kΩ
D. 100 kΩ or more

What is the range of the variable resistor in the equivalent circuit of a unijunction transistor?

A. 50Ω to 5 kΩ
B. 6 kΩ to 10 kΩ
C 5Ω to 50Ω
D. 1Ω to 5 Ω

Which of the following transistors is an SCR composed of?

A. npn, pnp
B. npn, npn
C pnp, pnp
D. None of the above

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