Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: Oscillator Circuits

Only the condition βA = ________ must be satisfied for self-sustained oscillations to result.

A. 0
B. -1
C 1
D. None of the above

At what phase shift is the magnitude of βA at its maximum in the Nyquist plot?

A. 90º
B. 180º
C 270º

The amplifier is unstable if the Nyquist curve plotted encloses (encircles) the –1 point, and it is stable otherwise.

A. True
B. False

What is the total phase shift requirement, around the feedback loop, for a phase-shift oscillator?

A. 90°
B. 180°
C 270°
D. 360°

Sinusoidal oscillators operate with ________ feedback.

A. positive
B. negative

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