Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: Linear-Digital ICs

The frequency of the 566 VCO is set by ________.

A. an external resistor
B. an external capacitor
C both an external resistor and an external capacitor
D. None of the above

In astable operation of the 555 timer, the lower and upper peaks of the charging/discharging external capacitor are ________ to ________.

B. 0.5 VCC, 0.5 VCC
C 1/3 VCC, 1/2 VCC
D. 1/3 VCC, 2/3 VCC

The 311 voltage comparator can operate from ________.

A. dual power supplies of 15 V
B. a single +5 V supply
C either a dual power supply of 15 V or a single +5 V supply
D. None of the above

In interfacing circuitry, a receiver provides ________ input impedance to minimize loading of the input signal.

A. high
B. medium
C low
D. zero

A voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is a circuit that provides a ________ output signal.

A. zero
B. varying
C constant
D. None of the above

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