Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: FET Amplifiers

What is the typical value for the input impedance Zi for JFETs?

A. 100 kΩ
B. 1 MΩ
C 10 MΩ
D. 1000 MΩ

The more horizontal the characteristic curves on the drain characteristics, the ________ the output impedance.

A. less
B. same
C greater

The input resistance at the gate of a FET is extremely

A. high.
B. low.

MOSFET digital switching is used to produce which digital gates?

A. inverters
B. NOR gates
C NAND gates
D. all of the above

When VGS = 0.5 Vp gm is ________ the maximum value.

A. one-fourth
B. one-half
C three-fourths

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