Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: Communications

A certain fiber-optic cable has the following characteristics: n1 = 1.82 and n2 = 1.73. What is the value of ?c?

A. 71.90
B. 0.95
C 18.1
D. 1.81

An AM demodulator can be implemented with a linear multiplier followed by a ________ filter.

A. low-pass
B. high-pass
C band-pass
D. band-stop

The intermediate frequency in a standard AM receiver is

A. 455 Hz.
B. 455 kHz.
C 4.55 MHz.
D. none of the above

In order for a light ray to propagate along a fiber-optic cable, what must the relationship be between the angle of incidence and the critical angle?

A. ?i > ?c
B. ?i < ?c
C ?i = ?c
D. none of the above

The output spectrum of a ________ modulator includes upper-side and lower-side frequencies and the carrier frequency.

A. balanced
B. standard amplitude
C none of the above

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