Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: BJT Devices

How much is the base-to-emitter voltage of a transistor in the "on" state?

A. 0 V
B. 0.7 V
C 0.7 mV
D. Undefined

How many layers of material does a transistor have?

A. 1
B. 2
C 3
D. 4

Which of the following equipment can check the condition of a transistor?

A. Current tracer
B. Digital display meter (DDM)
C Ohmmeter (VOM)
D. All of the above

For what kind of amplifications can the active region of the common-emitter configuration be used?

A. Voltage
B. Current
C Power
D. All of the above

What is (are) the component(s) of most specification sheets provided by the manufacturer?

A. Maximum ratings
B. Thermal characteristics
C Electrical characteristics
D. All of the above

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