Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: BJT and FET Frequency Response

By what other name(s) are the cutoff frequencies in a frequency response plot called?

A. Corner frequency
B. Break frequency
C Half-power frequency
D. All of the above

Which of the following elements is (are) important in determining the gain of the system in the high-frequency region?

A. Interelectrode capacitances
B. Wiring capacitances
C Miller effect capacitance
D. All of the above

Which of the low-frequency cutoffs determined by CS, CC, or CE will be the predominant factor in determining the low-frequency response for the complete system?

A. lowest
B. middle
C highest
D. None of the above

In the ________-frequency region, the capacitive elements of importance are the interelectrode (between terminals) capacitances internal to the active device and the wiring capacitance between the leads of the network.

A. low
B. mid
C high

What is the ratio of the common logarithm of a number to its natural logarithm?

A. 0.435
B. 2
C 2.3
D. 3.2

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