Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory:: Basic Op-Amp Circuits

Bounding allows the output of a comparator to be an unlimited voltage.

A. True
B. False

To reduce the effects of noise resulting in erratic switching of output states of a comparator, you can use

A. the upper trigger point
B. the lower trigger point
C nonzero-level detection.
D. hysteresis.

A good example of hysteresis is a(n)

A. AM radio.
B. thermostat.
C alarm clock.
D. none of the above

A differentiator is used to measure

A. the sum of the input voltages
B. the difference between two voltages.
C the area under a curve.
D. the rate of change of the input voltage.

The output of a Schmitt trigger is a

A. pulse waveform
B. sawtooth waveform.
C sinusoidal waveform.
D. triangle waveform.

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