Chemical Engineering:: Refractory Technology

Refractory materials are never used in the construction of

A. segar cones
B. orton cones
C pressure vessels
D. ovens & retorts

High porosity refractory bricks have

A. poor resistance to the peneration of molten slag, metal & flue gases.
B. poor heat conductivity & low strength.
C better thermal spalling resistance.
D. all (a), (b) and (c).

Vacuum steel degassing units are lined with

A. silica bricks
B. low duty firebricks
C high alumina bricks
D. graphite blocks

Pyrometric cone equivalent (PCE) value (Segar cone) of 'superduty refractories' is more than 33 which corresponds to a temperature of __________ °C.

A. 1520
B. 1630
C 1670
D. 1730

Which is the stable form of silica below 870°C ?

A. Tridymite
B. Cristobalite
C Quartz
D. None of these

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