Chemical Engineering:: Polymer Technology

Buna-S is a __________ material.

A. fibrous
B. plastic
C resinous
D. rubbery

Zeigler - Natta catalyst (AlR3 - AlCl3) is used in the polymerisation of

A. vinyl acetate
B. vinyl chloride
C propylene
D. styrene

Due to its excellent permeability to air/gas and oxidation resistance, the tubes of automobile tyres is made of

A. cold SBR
B. butyl rubber
C Bunai N
D. Buna S

Dacron is a/an

A. polyester
B. unsaturated polyester
C polyamide
D. inorganic polymer

Starting material for the production of SBR is

A. ethyl alcohol
B. ethylene
C both (a) & (b)
D. neither (a) nor (b)

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