Chemical Engineering:: Petroleum Refinery Engineering

Flash point of atmospheric distillation residue is determined by __________ apparates.

A. Pensky-Martens (closed cup type).
B. Abel.
C Cleveland (open cup type)
D. none of these.

Maximum sulphur percentage in low sulphur heavy stock (LSHS) furnace oil is about

A. 0.1
B. 1
C 2.5
D. 3.5

Pour point and freezing point is equal for

A. petrol
B. diesel
C water
D. crude petroleum

Pick out the undesirable property for a solvent meant for dewaxing of lube oil.

A. Complete miscibility with oil.
B. High solubility of wax in the solvent.
C Both (a) and (b).
D. Neither (a) nor (b).

Mercaptans are

A. low boiling sulphur compounds.
B. added in LPG cylinders to detect gas leakage by its smell.
C undesirable in petrol, as they reduce its octane number.
D. all (a), (b) and (c)

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