Chemical Engineering:: Nuclear Power Engineering

Research reactors are normally meant for

A. producing high neutron flux 1012-1013 neutrons/cm2, sec and studying the effect of neutron bombardment on dif ferent materials.
B. accelerating the neutrons.
C power generation.
D. none of these

The ratio of volume of an atom to that of its nucleus is

A. 1012
B. 10-12
C 10-8
D. 108

Hydrogen bomb employs the nuclear fusion of

A. hydrogen
B. deuterium
C tritium
D. helium

Which of the following is not, a fertile material ?

A. Th-232
B. U-238
C U-233
D. none of these

Which one is the radioactive isotope of hydrogen ?

A. Deuterium
B. Ortho-hydrogen
C Tritium
D. None of these

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