Chemical Engineering:: Mechanical Operations

Which of the following is the most suitable for handling fibrous and dense slurries ?

A. Propeller agitator
B. Cone type agitator
C Turbine agitator
D. Radial propeller agitator

Ball mills and tube mills with flint or porcelain balls are used for size reduction of

A. asbestos
B. rubber
C non-metallic ores
D. limestone

Size reduction of __________ is accomplished in steam heated rollers and roll crushers.

A. resins
B. gums
C hard rubber
D. waxes

Which of the following relationships between co-efficinet of friction (?) between rock & roll and a (half of the angle of nip) of the particle to be crushed is correct ?

A. ? > tan ?
B. ? ? tan ?
C ? > tan 2?
D. ? ? tan ?

Which of the following is not an ultrafine grinder (colloid mill)?

A. Micronizers
B. Agitated mills and fluid energy mills
C Toothed roll crusher
D. Hammer mills with internal classification

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