Chemical Engineering:: Materials and Construction

Which of the following has the highest compressive strength ?

A. Wrought iron
B. Cast iron
C Mild steel
D. High carbon steel

Zinc is not used

A. for producing zinc base die casting alloys.
B. in its oxide form as pigments.
C as anode for corrosion prevention in boiler.
D. as an alloying element in various bronzes.

Refined acetic acid storage vessel are made of

A. copper
B. aluminium
C high carbon steel
D. nickel

Addition of __________ to the steel helps in increasing the residual magnetism in steel used for making magnets.

A. chromium
B. nickel
C tungsten
D. cobalt

Constantan is an alloy of

A. Cu (55%) & Sn (45%).
B. Cu (55%) & Ni (45%).
C Pt (95%) & Rh (10%).
D. Fe (80%) & Ni (20%).

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