Chemical Engineering:: Furnace Technology

Which of the following is the most suitable for preheating combustion air above 650C ?

A. Regenerator
B. Metallic recuperator
C Ceramic recuperator
D. None of these

Soaking pits are meant for heating steel

A. ingots
B. coils
C sheets
D. slabs

The purpose of controlling the furnace atmosphere is to prevent surface attack by

A. oxidation/scaling
B. decarburising
C sulphur penetration
D. either of the above

Thermal efficiency of a limestone calcination rotary kiln may be around __________ percent.

A. 20
B. 40
C 65
D. 80

In producer gas making furnace, steam is added along with air to mainly control the

A. fusion of coal ash & clinker formation.
B. C. V. of producer gas.
C temperature of producer gas.
D. tar content in producer gas.

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