Chemical Engineering:: Fluid Mechanics

Water flow rate in a pipe of 3.5 metres diameter can be most economically and conveniently measured by a/an

A. pitot tube
B. venturimeter
C orificemeter
D. rotameter

The maximum delivery pressure of compressors can be upto __________ atmospheres.

A. 10
B. 100
C 250
D. 1000

Dimension of surface tension is(where, F = force, L = length)

A. FL-1
B. F-1 . L
C F.L-2
D. F-2 . L

Which of the following is not a dimension-less parameter ?

A. Euler number
B. Specific gravity
C Fanning friction factor
D. None of these

Co-efficient of velocity is __________ the coefficient of discharge.

A. less than
B. more than
C equal to
D. not related to

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