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Sodium tri poly phosphate (STPP) is manufactured by reaction of phosphoric acid with sodium

A. carbonate
B. phosphate
C bicarbonate
D. silicate

H3PO4 is the chemical formula of __________ phosphoric acid.

A. pyro
B. ortho
C meta
D. none of these

Heating of orthophosphoric acid to 250C produces

A. metaphosphoric acid
B. pyrophosphoric acid
C no change in it
D. none of these

Vapor phase reaction of ammonia & nitric acid to produce ammonium nitrate is termed as the __________ process.

A. Haber's
B. Stengel
C Le-chatlier's
D. Du-pont's

Use of catalyst is a must in the ammonia manufacture, because the reaction is reversible as well as the heat of dissociation of N2 & H2 is high. The presence of promoter along with the catalyst helps in __________ of the catalyst.

A. stabilisation
B. increasing the effectiveness
C improving the strength & heat resistance
D. all a, b & c

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