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Which of the following pollutants is not emitted during volcanic eruptions ?

A. SO2
B. H2S
D. hydrocarbons

The main pollutant in waste water discharged from a petroleum refinery is oil (both in free and emulsified form). Free oil is removed by

A. biological oxygen pond.
B. aerated lagoons.
C trickling filters.
D. gravity separator having oil skimming devices.

Phenolic water generated in coke ovens & by-product plant attached to an integrated steel plant containing phenol in concentration of less than 100 mg/litre can be removed by

A. chlorination
B. treating in biological oxygen pond
C chemical coagulation
D. none of these

Which of the following dust collection equipments is the least efficient (for sub-micronic particles) ?

A. Dust catcher (gravity type)
B. Cyclone separator
C Bag filter
D. Hollow wet scrubber

Most of the atmospheric air pollutants are present in large quantity in

A. stratosphere
B. thermosphere
C trophosphere
D. mesosphere

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