Chemical Engineering:: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

The freezing point of a liquid decreases when the pressure is increased, if the liquid __________ while freezing.

A. contracts
B. expands
C does not change in volume
D. either (a), (b) or (c)

Which of the following is not an intensive property ?

A. Chemical potential
B. Surface tension
C Heat capacity
D. None of these

Out of the following refrigration cycles, which one has the minimum COP (Co-efficient of performance)?

A. Air cycle
B. Carnot cycle
C Ordinary vapour compression cycle
D. Vapour compression with a reversible expansion engine

Measurement of thermodynamic property of temperature is facilitated by __________ law of thermodynamics.

A. 1st
B. zeroth
C 3rd
D. none of these

The theoretical minimum work required to separate one mole of a liquid mixture at 1 atm, containing 50 mole % each of n- heptane and n- octane into pure compounds each at 1 atm is

A. -2 RT ln 0.5
B. -RT ln 0.5
C 0.5 RT
D. 2 RT

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