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In a manufacturing industry, break even point occurs, when the

A. total annual rate of production equals the assigned value.
B. total annual product cost equals the total annual sales.
C annual profit equals the expected value.
D. annual sales equals the fixed cost.

Gross earning is equal to the total income minus

A. total product cost
B. fixed cost
C income tax
D. none of these

The depreciation during the year 'n', in diminishing balance method of depreciation calculation, is calculated by multiplying a fixed percentage 'N' to the

A. initial cost.
B. book value at the end of (n - 1)th year,
C depreciation during the (n - 1)th year.
D. difference between initial cost and salvage value.

The inventory of raw materials included in the working capital is usually about __________ months supply of raw materials valued at delivery prices.

A. one
B. three
C six
D. twelve

Which of the following is the costliest material of construction used in pressure vessel construction ?

A. Low alloy steel
B. Lead
C Titanium
D. High alloy steel

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