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Can you combine the following two statements into one?

char *p;
p = (char*) malloc(100);
A. char p = *malloc(100);
B. char *p = (char) malloc(100);
C char *p = (char*)malloc(100);
D. char *p = (char *)(malloc*)(100);

The operator used to get value at address stored in a pointer variable is

A. *
B. &
C &&
D. ||

A pointer is

A. A keyword used to create variables
B. A variable that stores address of an instruction
C A variable that stores address of other variable
D. All of the above

What would be the equivalent pointer expression for referring the array element a[i][j][k][l]

A. ((((a+i)+j)+k)+l)
B. *(*(*(*(a+i)+j)+k)+l)
C (((a+i)+j)+k+l)
D. ((a+i)+j+k+l)

If a variable is a pointer to a structure, then which of the following operator is used to access data members of the structure through the pointer variable?

A. .
B. &
C *
D. ->

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