C Programming Questions and Answers:: Library Functions

What will the function randomize() do in Turbo C under DOS?

A. returns a random number.
B. returns a random number generator in the specified range.
C returns a random number generator with a random value based on time.
D. return a random number with a given seed value.

Can you use the fprintf() to display the output on the screen?

A. yes
B. no

What is the purpose of fflush() function.

A. flushes all streams and specified streams.
B. flushes only specified stream.
C flushes input/output buffer.
D. flushes file buffer.

Does there any function exist to convert the int or float to a string?

A. yes
B. no

What is stderr ?

A. standard error
B. standard error types
C standard error streams
D. standard error definitions

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