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Three pipes A, B and C can fill a tank in 6 hours. After working at it together for 2 hours, C is closed and A and B can fill the remaining part in 7 hours. The number of hours taken by C alone to fill the tank is:

A. 10 B. 12
C. 14 D. 16

Three taps A, B and C can fill a tank in 12, 15 and 20 hours respectively. If A is open all the time and B and C are open for one hour each alternately, the tank will be full in:

A. 6 hours B.
C. 7 hours D.

A tap can fill a tank in 6 hours. After half the tank is filled, three more similar taps are opened. What is the total time taken to fill the tank completely?

A. 3 hrs 15 min B. 3 hrs 45 min
C. 4 hrs D. 4 hrs 15 min

A large tanker can be filled by two pipes A and B in 60 minutes and 40 minutes respectively. How many minutes will it take to fill the tanker from empty state if B is used for half the time and A and B fill it together for the other half?

A. 15 min B. 20 min
C. 27.5 min D. 30 min

One pipe can fill a tank three times as fast as another pipe. If together the two pipes can fill the tank in 36 minutes, then the slower pipe alone will be able to fill the tank in:

A. 81 min. B. 108 min.
C. 144 min. D. 192 min.

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