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The United Nations is considered as a universal organisation. Which organ of rhe united nations fully represents the fact?

A. The Economic and Social Council
B. The Security Council
C The Secretariat
D. The General Assembly

Which organ of the United Nations has ceased to be operational?

A. Economic and Social Council
B. International Court of Justice
C Trusteeship Council
D. Secretariat

United Nations adapted a Charter of Economic Rights in the year

A. 1969 B. 1974
C. 1956 D. 1964

India was elected as a President of General Assembly of the United Nations in 1953. Who occupied this office on behalf of India?

A. S. Radha Krishnan
B. Gopalswamy Iyyengar
C V.K. Krishna Menon
D. Vijayalakshmi Pandit

The member countries of NAFTA are

A. USA and Canada
B. USA, Canada and Mexico
C Canada and Mexico
D. USA and Mexico

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