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The Internet was developed in the...

A. Early 1990s B. Late 1980s
C. Early 1970s D. Late 1960s

What is a NIC?

A. Netware Intranet Controller B. No Internet Connection
C. Network Interface Card D. Network Interference Control

The Central Processing Unit is an embeded chip that acts as the 'brains' of a computer. What Intel chip was used in the Altair (the first real personal computer)?

A. 6502 B. 8080
C. 6400 D. 8286

What is a URL?

A. A computer software program B. A type of UFO
C. The address of a document or "page" on the World Wide Web D. An acronym for Uniform Resources Learning

Which of these is a documented hoax virus?

A. McDonalds screensaver B. Alien.worm
C. Merry Xmas D. Adolph

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