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The title given by the British Government to Mahatma Gandhi which he surrendered during the non-cooperation movement was

A. Hind Keasri B. Kaiser-e-Hind
C. Rai Bahadur D. Rt. Honorable


There was a sharp class division at Harappa and Mohen-jodaro. This is clear from the

A. Indus seals excavated B. religious beliefs of the Harappans
C. tools and implements used by the Harappans D. different types of dwellings excavated


To which of the republic of Buddha belong?

A. Licchavis B. Sakyas
C. Mallas D. None of the above


The ultimate ownership of land during the post-Gupta period lay with

A. the cultivator B. the village community
C. the king D. the joint family


The Timariots Governors and the Revenue Contractors, on their part reason in this manner: "Why should the neglected state of this land create uneasiness in our minds and why should we expend our money and time to render it fruitful? We may be deprived of it in a single moment, and our exertions would benefit neither ourselves nor our children." This statement was made by

A. Monserrate B. Tavernier
C. Manrique D. Bernier

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