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The twenty-third Jaina teacher, Parsva, the immediate predecessor of Mahavira enjoined on his disciples four great vows. To these Mahavira addes which of the followings as the fifth vow?

A. Abstention from stealing B. Non-injury
C. Brahmacharya or continence D. Non-attachment

The Uprising of 1857 was described as the first Indian war of Independence by

A. S.N. Sen B. R.C. Mazumdar
C. B.G. Tilak D. V.D. Savakar

The year 788 AD was a good one for Hinduism. Why?

A. Shankracharya was born that year. B. Harsha Vardhana, the last Buddhist king, died.
C. Samudragupta converted to Hinduism. D. All Muslim invaders were defeated.

The Venetian traveler who travelled with his wife and reached Vijayanagar around 1420 was

A. Athanasius Nikitin B. Nicolo de Conti
C. Ibn Batuta D. Ferishta

The term Nirgrantha is associated with

A. Ajivikas B. Charvakas
C. Jainas D. Pasupatas

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