General knowledge:: Basic General Knowledge


Headquarters of UNO are situated at

A. New York, USA B. Haque (Netherlands)
C. Geneva D. Paris


Durand Cup is associated with the game of

A. Cricket B. Football
C. Hockey D. Volleyball


Hamid Karzai was chosen president of Afghanistan in

A. 2000 B. 2001
C. 2002 D. 2003


Heavy Water Project (Talcher) and Fertilizer plant (Paradeep) are famous industries of

A. Orissa B. Tamil nadu
C. Andhra Pradesh D. Kerala


During World War I Germany was defeated in the Battle of Verdun on the western front and Romania declared war on the eastern front in the year

A. 1914 AD B. 1915 AD
C. 1916 AD D. 1917 AD

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