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What is the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)?

A. Group of 53 former colonies of Britain B. Group of 12 former republics of dissolved USSR
C. Group of 10 Latin America countries D. Group of Islamic countries in Saudi Arabia region

What is the literacy rate of Mizoram?

A. 88.49 per cent B. 63.31 per cent
C. 67.11 per cent D. 50.23 per cent

When did Hitler became President of Germany?

A. 1934 B. 1935
C. 1936 D. 1937

What is the capital of Jharkhand?

A. Raipur B. Dehradun
C. Ranchi D. None of the above

What is the circumference of table tennis ball?

A. 3.71-3.82 cm B. 4.72-4.82 cm
C. 2.72-2.82 cm D. None of the above

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