General knowledge:: Famous places in india



'Apsara' is the name of India's first

A. Railway Locomotive
B. Helicopter
C Nuclear Reactor
D. Ground Battle Tank

The first 'Financial Service Park' for industry being set up at

A. Guragaon
B. Surat
C Bangalore
D. Pune

Who was the first Indian to go into space?

A. Ravi Malhotra
B. Satish Dawan
C Kalpana Chawla
D. Rakesh Sharma

The first electric train of India 'Deccan Queen' was run between

A. Howrah and Delhi
B. Bombay and Surat
C Kalyan and Pune
D. New Delhi and Madras

India's first 'Ladies Special' Suburban train was started by which of the Indian Railway Zone?

A. Southern B. Northern
C. Western D. Eastern

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